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Do you need to feel better? Considering therapy? Tired of therapists that seem to care more about you coming back every week than you actually getting better?  The goal of treatment is positive change, growth, HEALING.  We can all benefit from therapy, but not all therapy is beneficial.

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More About Us

We believe we are among the best, in this business of mental health and wellness, and we think it’s time to share our resource with the world! We’ll be accepting self-paying clients only at this time and won’t be billing any insurance or 3rd parties. We don’t want to keep you coming back forever.  Our values are to provide the highest quality of ethical and effective treatment, which is supposed to eventually conclude. We believe this will be one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make, to invest in yourself. 

You deserve relief.  You deserve to feel better, and to live… BETTER!  We can help YOU find YOUR way. 

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