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Music of the Month

Music is so powerful, the universal language!  Most understand and appreciate the value of music for ritual, recreation and relaxation, to help us celebrate and give us an excuse to show off our dance moves!  But music is also doing something healthy and beneficial for us physically and neurologically behind the scenes, it is good for our brain and body, so it makes sense that there are perhaps less appreciated or understood benefits.


Music can be a valuable therapeutic tool for inspiration or processing, can help us to express or experience an outlet for our emotions.  Engaging in music can actually provide healing stimulation to the traumatized brain! SO…music can really help us FEEL our feelings, and understand that in most instances we are not alone in our experience, that someone else somewhere has felt this way too. We look forward to adding songs each month that have been helpful in therapy, and I welcome you to contact us with any suggestions or music that has been particularly meaningful to you!

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

At the start of 1967, Syd Barrett had the world at his feet. The charismatic frontman of Pink Floyd was the toast of London’s underground scene and his band was just about to release Piper at the Gates of Dawn, to this day a landmark of English psychedelia. Eight years later, when his bandmates recorded this tribute to their lost leader, Barrett was one of the most notable acid casualties of his generation. However, the esteem and affection his former comrades still held him in shines through in this 26-minute ode to a genius who was too sensitive for the real world. Check out more songs for mental health at happiful.com