While we're on the subject... What is trauma and why does it matter to be trauma-informed?


-Trauma is the aftermath of  symptoms left from experiences that caused psychological and physiological harm.

Trauma could be from a single harmful event, several or even thousands. It could be a monstrous experience or the pain could be from a thousand "paper-cut" experiences such as being unable to speak up for oneself or being belittled. Example of symptoms include include poor diet, sleep, and exercise, having emotional and cognitive functioning impairments, problems with social interactions, feeling sluggish, depressed, anxious, irritable, and thinking harmful or disruptive thoughts like "I'm not good enough."

-When we are trauma-informed, we are better equipped to handle problems using effective and compassionate communication skills and can face struggles with hope and resilience.

-More importantly, being trauma-informed means you are less likely to re-traumatize yourself or someone else that cause further disruption of the injured person.



We had that wish too, and NewView was born to be the support our communities  need in order to feel better, think better and do better.


Trauma is a universal experience meaning that every person can benefit from receiving trauma informed care training. We have partnered with mental health professionals and mental health centers, schools, inpatient and outpatient treatment centers; the Oklahoma Juvenile Authority and other detainment systems, hospitals and their emergency rooms, and other agencies for over 2 years.


We have witnessed the improvement of health and economic disparities among the agencies we have served by raising awareness and educating Oklahomans on the impacts of trauma, chronic stress, unmet emotional needs and dysfunctional norms.

Take a few moments and watch our CEU workshop videos to gain a clear idea on how NewView engages audiences with captivating research that hits home and gives us strategies we can employ RIGHT NOW to feel and think better!



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