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NewView Healing Solutions is a grassroots movement dedicated to changing the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) scores in Oklahoma and do our part in helping Oklahoma be safer and healthier for kids and families.


Our mission is to train and facilitate therapeutic experiences for all public schools and law enforcement in Oklahoma for FREE.


Trauma is a universal experience that affects us all, and that means every person can benefit from receiving trauma informed care training.


Jeremy Elledge, LCSW is one of the few Trauma Specialists in Oklahoma and has FREE trauma-informed training for the police force and Oklahoma public schools.


Failing to understand traumatic injuries IS the problem. Injuries exist on all sides, and injured people are doing injured things to each other. Culture has dictated a long-standing adversarial relationship that must be challenged. We must learn to recognize our own injuries, and injured communities must do the same. 


We must SEE each other. 


We are NewView Healing Solutions and we want to help! We train all public schools for FREE in addition to offering continuing education for various mental health and medical professionals. We would like to offer FREE training to all law enforcement and public schools across the state. Organizations and professionals have measurably improved outcomes with our training and consultation. We believe we can help law enforcement as well as other injured communities heal to improve their outcomes as well. Again, we will do this for free, please let us help and show you what we can do together! 

We partner and collaborate with mental health professionals and centers, schools, inpatient and outpatient treatment centers; the Oklahoma Juvenile Authority, jails and prisons; And hospitals and emergency rooms to review the effectiveness of meeting trauma-informed goals of treatment.

Take a few moments and watch our CEU workshop videos to gain a clear idea on how NewView engages audiences with captivating research, dynamic presentation that hits home and more importantly gives us strategies we can employ RIGHT NOW to feel and think better to ultimately DO BETTER!


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