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Jeremy Elledge, LCSW

Trauma Therapist

Founder of NewView

Meet NewView's founder, Jeremy Elledge! He received his MSW from the University of Oklahoma in 2005 followed by his LCSW has become one of the limited number of ‘Trauma Specialists’ in Oklahoma trained by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. His early career consisted of working in a number of inpatient and residential treatment settings as a direct care staff and serving in clinical capacities as well followed by his work as an Administrative Program Coordinator and Trainer and finally as a current practicing Clinical Therapist.


Jeremy has developed his own approach and philosophy to therapy, greatly influenced by the leading experts in the field of treatment with trauma. Jeremy is trained and certified as a ‘professor’ and trainer for the Sanctuary and START Models (Systematic Training to Assist w/ Recovery from Trauma) bringing this model to Children’s Recovery Center During this 3-year, federally funded project, he assessed all patients for trauma and trained all staff in emotional intelligence and therapeutic interventions, as well as modifications to organizational communication and processes to be more trauma-informed. He has worked for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services as well as in private and non-profit settings spanning more than 16 years.


Jeremy has also overcome his own personal trauma, losing much of his sight in his 20s and has overcome many obstacles with adapting to partial blindness and has become known as one of Oklahoma’s highly skilled and effective clinicians, a leader in the field of mental health, and often has been referred to as an inspiration to others for challenging their own traumatic injuries and setbacks, to go from surviving to thriving and truly embodies his own personal motto and theme:“don’t let your obstacles become your excuses.”


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