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This is where our "face-to-face events" are taking

place during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thank you to all CEU participants for making our trauma-informed workshops FREE to everyone

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Instructions for Live-Chat Webinar


1. Register for an upcoming live-chat webinar by clicking here

2. Chat-box Instructions: On the the date of training, scroll down this page to see the chat-box & video-webinar 

>To join the chat-box, click in the comment box where it says "Click here to join the conversations"

>Enter as a GUEST (not username) 

>Type in your First, Last Name & Credentials 

Example: "Katherine Filippo, LMSW"

>Type in your specific questions/comments on the chat-box while the video is rolling. Jeremy & the team will respond back quickly with our super fast fingers!

3. Press "Play" on the video at 9:00am for Workshop 1 & at 1:00pm for Workshop 2.

4. After the video is complete, please submit the course evaluation form found below the workshop webinar video & follow prompts for purchasing CEU's

IMPORTANT: In the feedback section, list the date and workshop you attended, thank you!

5. And, that's it! You will receive your CEU certificate of completion within 1-5 business days to your email (so be sure to check your spam folders)

join us below

for the live-chat webinar

"Treating Ultimate Avoidance: Ethical Considerations for Addiction and Suicide"


friday 4/23/2021

 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Approved for Live-Interaction 3 hours general CEU's sent by email within 1-5 business days after payment, participation & course evaluation are complete. Thank you for being here!

Please sign into the chat-box as a 'GUEST' with your name and credentials to be checked in.


thank you for participating in this trauma-informed  workshop!

Please click here to complete course evaluation & follow prompts for online payment 

Thank you for all you do. Stay safe, stay healthy and take care of one another.

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